Today we are sharing a great game that you can play throughout the summer, over the course of a month or for a weekend activity.  Versus is based upon the old ABC show entitled, Shaq Versus.

PREP TIME– Depends on the Event

ITEMS NEEDED– Depends on the Event

GAME TIME– Depends on the Event

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Participants (some team games may require more)


This a great game to stir up a some excitement during the summer months. The other bonus is that since most students are out of school, most of them will have time to hang out help put the competitions together.

If you’ve never seen the show, all you need to know is that it pits you (or another selected leader) against a so-called expert. Here are some examples of competitions you can have:

  • Race- 100 Yards/Meters or 400 Meters
  • Wrestling (get a mat & some gear if possible!)
  • Cook-Off
  • Home Run Derby (use a small field)
  • Ice Skating
  • Gymnastics
  • Cheerleading
  • Swimming
  • Go Kart Racing
  • Spelling Bee
  • Darts
  • Competitive Eating
  • Sing Off or Rap Battle
  • Dance Off
  • Basketball
  • Football Skills Competition
  • Anything You Can Think Of

Other than the actual event, the show is predicated upon you receiving some sort of special training for the event. Since most of you won’t have access to an expert, I recommend using a couple of “so-called” experts (picture a guy in a sweat pants wearing a red, white & blue sweatband) to help you.

Remember, your main goal is to entertain, so anything that can achieve that is going to boost the watchability of the competition. Use a diverse group of people for the competitions and the production of the games. I can guarantee that if you pull it off well, your students will remember it forever!

Alternate Version

Do the competitions live. If you go this route, have a good host or two who can give a play-by-play and hype up the event.


1. If you feel like you are unable to compete in all the events, open it up to your youth leaders vs. students, or your spouse vs. students.

2. Find a person, or people, who will film and edit the materials for you! It does take a fair amount of work to compile and sift through everything, but it’s well worth it. Select someone who has a good sense of humor and a keen eye for the dramatic. Incorporating pre & post event interviews, audience interviews, slow-motion and plenty of music will help enhance your videos.

3. Plan! Plan! Plan! This is an awesome competition, but it will only be as good as you plan it to be. If you don’t have facilities to host the events, reach out to schools, parents and your Facebook community- you never know who can help unless you ask!

4. If you’re looking for content, this is a phenomenal game. Break it into pieces and release it on social media if you choose not to do it live. This is a great opportunity to hop on current trends and put your own spin on it. Most of all, have fun!

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