King of the Cones

Today’s game is entitled, King of the Cones! It’s yet another great game we picked up from our summer camp this past week.

King of the Cones might be best described as a truncated type of capture the flag with a few twists.

PREP TIME– 5-15 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 6 Medium or Large Orange Cones, 6 Tennis Balls, 12+ Flag Football Flags

GAME TIME– 15+ Minutes (you’ll likely play multiple rounds)

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Teams of 6+ people (you can play with up to 8 on the field/court & rotate extra players)


To start playing King of the Cones, you’ll need to have a room, field or¬†other area¬†that is about the size of a basketball court. If you don’t have lines, make sure to draw them, tape them or rope them off so players stay within the boundaries. It’s also important to have a middle line for this game as well.

Once the area is set up, place 3 orange cones on the back end of each side, spacing them with one in the middle and the other two on the right and left-hand side. Then you will place a tennis ball on top of each cone so each team has three tennis balls on their side.

Finally, after the participants place their belts and flags on, each team will attempt to cross enemy lines and knock off one of the opponents tennis balls. If they are able to do so before someone grabs their flag, the ball can not be reset. Once all tennis balls are knocked down, award a winner for that round.

You will also need to know that when a participant’s flag is removed by the other team, it must be done on their opponents side (you can not be knocked out on your own side). The person who is “out” will actually transfer their flag to another person who is on the sideline- it’s more of a rotation than an elimination. If possible, have extra belts and flags so the rotating goes fairly quickly.


1. You can not guard the cone. Have teams leave a small buffer zone of 2 or 3 feet to prevent the people from protecting one tennis ball at the end. Widen the buffer zone if necessary.

2. Encourage students to play by the honor system. This is actually a great game to test integrity and sportsmanship. Reward those who are honest and good sports!

3. Set up a couple cameras or phones to record for the event and get some awesome action shots (make sure they are far enough away from the playing area). We recommend one in the middle (opposite side of the players on the sideline) and one on each end (your “endzone” areas). Create an awesome recap video and mix in some slow-mo on any jukes or nice moves.

4. If you are playing with multiple teams, have the winning team sign and date one of the cones. Make sure to post it on social media and let everyone know that they are indeed King of the Cones!

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p.s. Full credit to Matt Austin for this amazing picture of a Royal Marine in a mud run during training.

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