Noodle Ball

Noodle Ball is an amazing game that is high energy and tons of fun!!

PREP TIME– 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 20 Pool Noodles (if you buy in bulk, you can pick these up for $2-$3/ea), 2 Large Inflated Balls (24″-36″ work best), 2 Goals (or cones to mark a goal)

GAME TIME– 20+ Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Even Teams of 10 (you can have as few as 6 per team)


This is another great game from our summer camp in Arizona! Before you begin the game, set up a field about the size of a basketball court using cones or markers.

After that, select teams and explain that each individual who is in the game (you can rotate players in if you would like) will have a pool noodle. They must use the pool noodle to hold the ball as they run around the court/field.

They will need to hold the ends of the pool noodle, creating a pocket for the ball to be carried in.

Once everyone understands this, all you need to do is have them run around the field trying to score a goal by passing and eventually throwing the ball through the goal.

Players can run as far as they would like with the ball, but if they cross the goal with it, the goal does not count. In addition, when the ball goes out of bounds, possession is lost by the team that touched it last.

If you’d like, add a second ball at some point in the game. It increases scoring and gets more people involved in the game.

One last thing to know- NO GOALIES. It’s not easy to score in this game, but it’s nearly impossible if you have a great goalie. Roll like they do at the end of a hockey game when a team is down, and pull the goalie.

Set a time limit and award your winner when time expires!

For a tie breaker have each team pick one person who will stand at the opposite end of their goals. Upon your signal, have them race down with their pool noodle and ball. Whoever throws the ball through the goal first wins!


1. Split teams up evenly among guys and gals, or maybe even Jr. high and High School students if necessary. It tends to even the game out so one side doesn’t dominate by stacking their team.

2. This is a great tournament game if you have a large group. You can even award a golden (yellow) noodle award with the winning team’s names.

3. While you want the participants to have fun, make sure it doesn’t get too physical. Some contact is fine, but put an end to it if it’s too much.

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