Shimmy Through The Shirt Relay

We are sharing a brand new game with you today called, Shimmy Through The Shirt. For some reason, it just made me think of good ole’ Tommy Boy and his little coat!

The game operates best as a relay between at least two teams. It’s a lot of fun to play, but it’s AWESOME to watch, especially the big guys!

PREP TIME– 3 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED3x Shirts for each team

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2+ Teams of at least 7 people


This a great game in that it is incredibly simple, fun and always gets a good laugh. If possible, have your entire group play. The only real pre-requisite is that a person is able to stand and move around slightly.

Once you’ve selected all your teams, have them line up in order of size make sure to be sensitive here! It doesn’t have to be a perfect science, you’re just trying to line them from smallest to tallest. Once they are aligned, hand the person in the front a 3x size shirt and explain that they must “shimmy through the shirt” by putting the shirt on over their head and working it down off their feet. Once they are done, they will need to hand the shirt to the next person in line and sit down.

The real challenge comes not at the beginning, but at the end, when some of the larger guys struggle to work the shirt around their broad shoulders. Explain to them that it’s okay to stretch the shirt out, but they can’t intentionally do it to make the process easier- it must be a function of trying to shimmy!

First team to shimmy through the shirt and sit down in a single-file line wins!


1. If you feel like certain people may be offended by having to play the game, simply ask for volunteers to play. You know your group, so exercise wisdom.

2. If you are able to do so, this is a great game to give a student ministry shirt to each of the winning team members.

3. Use a smaller shirt if you want to make it a little (pun intended) more interesting.

4. Take plenty of pictures for FB & Instagram! You can also video the game and create a short video with some highlights to show the next week at youth group.

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