B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pool)

After a long hiatus, we return with a great event that you can use as you kick off the school year or just for fun at your weekly meeting. Today’s game was shared by Bryce George after seeing a post on Scotty McTaube’s Instagram page. The name of the event is BYOP, or, Bring Your Own Pool! We’ve added some extras to the original idea!!

PREP TIME– 0-60 minutes (depends on how much prep you want to do)

ITEMS NEEDEDInflatable Pools & Decor

GAME TIME– 10-60 minutes (varies depending on what and how many games you play)



BYOP is part game and part event. Let me explain the latter. The object of this event is to invite students and leaders to bring their own inflatable or plastic pool (the cheap kind you can buy at Walmart or Target). In addition to bringing the pool, encourage them to decorate it. You may have a theme, or you can simply say “be creative”.

Once they arrive, get ready to break out some water and play some games! Here are some we suggest:

1. All-In-One

See how many people you can fit in one pool at once. Give them two-minutes to see how many people they can load in the designated pools!

Note: I recommend having the same sex on teams to make sure every thing is above board. In fact, you may want to do that all the way through to avoid any problems.

2. Splash Ball

Before the event, make sure to purchase some Splash Balls. You will need approximately one per, get ready to play splash ball by evenly splitting up the balls to each team. The goal is to land one of the splash balls in the other team’s pools. A person is eliminated when a ball is thrown from one side to the other lands in the oppositions pool. If they are successful, the person who is out must sit down in their pool.

Individuals can bat the balls away or simply catch them. Participants are not “out” if their ball is caught, they have just lost an opportunity to knock another person out.

If the game is growing stagnant, have teams move to the front pools to expedite the game- you can even call the game after a time limit if necessary.

Alternative: Play free for all! That’s right, everyone is out to defend their own pool. Last one standing wins!

Alternative 2: Straight up dodge ball. Go team versus team or mano e mano!

Note: This is best played outdoors to avoid a water mess, but if you can tarp off the inside of a room (and have little water in the pools), you can play that way as well.

3. Volley Ball

Use an inflatable beach ball, put up a net to split into two teams and play some old-fashioned volleyball. The only twist is that no one can leave their pool. If they step out, they other team is awarded the point.

Note: Have an extra inflatable ball on hand in case the other is popped or starts to lose air.


1. Award the person with the best decorated pool a prize, maybe a rubber ducky, inner tube or snorkel & mask.

2. If you’re playing outside, bust out some sprinklers or mix in a Slip N’ Slide while you play.

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