Shake It Off

Today we are sharing one of our messier, some might say, grosser games. The good news, it’s quite simple. Shake It Off is a relatively quick and easy game that lends itself to plenty of picture taking and comments afterward.

PREP TIME– 3-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDEDSwim Goggles,  Jar of Vaseline for each Group of 3, Bag of Cotton Balls for each Group

GAME TIME– 5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4 Groups of 3 (you can have more or less, but have at least 2 teams)


As I mentioned before, this is a simple game. Make sure to select at least one person on each team who doesn’t mind getting messy! Once you have four individuals, have them select two people to be in their group.

At this point, you need to explain the process. First off, have the “shaker” (this is the person that will have the Vaseline put all over their face) put on their swim goggles. Make sure to use small, tight goggles so they don’t get Vaseline in their eyes. They can close their eyes, but it’s much messier and no one wants Vaseline jammed in their eye!

After they have the goggles on, instruct one of the remaining two people in their group take the jar of Vaseline and lather it all over the “shakers” face. They have 60-90 seconds to do this. Try not to have it in the hair, as it is really hard to get out!!

Next, the last remaining person in the group will place as many cotton balls on their face as possible in 60-90 seconds. It’s a good idea to have someone who hasn’t been touching Vaseline to do this, otherwise the cotton balls stick to their hands, instead of their face.

Finally, give your “shakers” 60 seconds to shake off as many cotton balls as possible. The winner is the person who shakes the most off, so having more on their face initially is advantageous.

Make sure to take plenty of pictures and record them shaking everything off- it’s awesome!


1. Make sure your “shakers” are in plain view of the audience. Either elevate them or have them standing where everyone can see.

2.Have a trash can, paper towels, and some plastic on the ground. This not only expedites the cleaning process, but it keeps you from wiping up Vaseline from off the floor. If you can play outdoors where there is light, that’s even better.

3. Pick “shakers” who have personality. This game is awesome when you have people who really get into it!

4. Have towels for the “shakers” to put over their clothes when they play- this will keep them a bit cleaner.

5. You don’t have to use Vaseline, but it works best. If you something else that works, do it and tell us how it worked for you!

6. Give away great prizes for everyone who was willing to get messy! Free stuff goes a long way in student ministry!!

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