Candy Connection – FREE PDF Game

If you’re not surrounded by candy yet, you will be soon. Today’s game is called Candy Connection, and it’s sure to test your candy knowledge with a fun and FREE downloadable PDF.


ITEMS NEEDED– Candy Connection Game Sheet & Pens

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes



Simply download our Candy Connection PDF and get ready to play.

The first page contains all the answers and page two will be your game sheet. Give individuals (no teams on this one, it’s not too hard) 3-5 minutes to make their guesses and then announce the correct answers.

In case of a tie break, have participants turn in their sheets when they are done. Mark their position on their sheet. You can pass them back out when you go over the answers.


1. Give out lots of candy! Award candy prizes and maybe throw out each of the listed items to the crowd.

2. Put some fun music on while they’re making their guesses. Leave the music on in the background while you’re reading off the answers.

If you would like to change or add to the list, please email me at for the WordDoc.

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