Pumpkin Drop

Considering Halloween is just around the corner, we want to share a bonus game that is always good for a laugh. We introduce to you, Pumpkin Drop.

PREP TIME– 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Every Group Will Need: Pumpkin, 6 Plastic Cups, Tape, Plastic Table Cloth, Straws, Roll of Toilet Paper

GAME TIME– 30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone: 4-6 Per Group


Most people will be familiar with an Egg Drop. Just in case you’re not, this is where you take random items, put them together and try to keep your egg from breaking after it is dropped off the ledge of a building or a tall ladder.

This is the exact same thing, only you will be using a PUMPKIN! Give teams 10-20 minutes to build, attach and create a design for their pumpkin to try and survive their fall.

When time is up, bring your group outside (you can do it inside on a tall ladder, but make sure to have it tarped off really well!) to the place you’ll be dropping your pumpkins and their safety devices. You can either allow a person from the group to drop it or have a designated person to do so. If you allow an individual from the group to do so, make sure to implement proper safety procedures.

Make sure to FILM the drops and take pictures of the aftermath. Have someone put together a 90 second video and show it the next week to your group and post it online for everyone to see over and over again.

Pumpkin Drop is great game to play and watch, but it is also a great memory to hold onto!


1. We’ve given a list of items to use, but feel free to add or even change the list to make it unique to your group.

2. Give each team markers/crayons to decorate their pumpkin. This will get more people involved in each group. You can even have them name their pumpkin and play it up before you drop ’em!

3. If possible, capture some slow motion footage as pumpkins hit the ground – it’s truly amazing!

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