Top Ten Relay Games #1 – Tough Camper

We’ve finally arrived at the top! Number one on our list of relay races is Tough Camper!

While this isn’t a relay you can play anywhere or at anytime, it is an awesome one for a large event, such as a retreat or camp. Unlike most of our games, this one requires a lot of prep work, set up & staff to help you execute it.

We called this game “Route 66” at the camp we used it at, but feel free to adopt a name that fits for you. Tough Camper is just a little play off of the Tough Mudder.

PREP TIME– 1-3 Hours

ITEMS NEEDED– Depends on Which Events You Decide To Do

GAME TIME– 20-30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 15-25 Participants per Team


I have included a Tough Camper Relay Race for you to gather ideas from. Some can be played in almost any location, while others will require access to certain venues. That’s why camp areas and retreat centers are great for this game, because they usually provide resources & space that you would not normally have access to.

One important part of this game is to make sure you give each team about 30 minutes to go over the list before you actually do the relay. This way a team leader (preferably an adult) can assign tasks and ensure that everyone who wants to can participate.

Most of the tasks are quite simple, though some are dirtier or grosser than others.

Once teams have selected participants for each station and the race is ready to begin, have each participant go to their positions. Everyone else who is not playing can remain at the beginning point, where the last person will return to with the corn cob baton.

Teams can stand and cheer others on during the events they can see, but they must remain at the beginning point, otherwise, you’ll have people all over and chaos will ensue. When a person is done with their station and has handed off the baton, they need to go back to the rest of the team at the beginning point and get in line. Once the last person arrives, they need to give the baton to a designated person and sit down at the end of the single file line for them to qualify as finished.

First team sitting down wins. We usually award points throughout the week, so it encourages each team to finish the race, knowing that they aren’t totally out of it.


1. Pictures, pictures, pictures… and video! This one is a content creation king. You’ll have stories, reels, recaps, montages and everything else you’d ever want from a game – the more cameras, the better!

2. Be excited for this! The more excited the leaders are, the more the teams will get into it!!

3. Have judges at every station if possible, or have someone run with each team to make sure they are completing all the tasks properly. Make sure the leaders understand the event too!

4. Use what you have. At the camp we played at, we used mud pits because they were available. We used fields, basketball courts and other areas because they were there. If you have unique features to where you are, incorporate those things. Flexibility and creativity are key for this type of event.

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