Top Ten Relay Games: #2- Quick Change

Finishing in a strong second position among our Top 10 Relay Countdown contestants is, Quick Change.

PREP TIME– 5-10 Minutes (plus shopping time)

ITEMS NEEDED– One Set of Clothes & Accessories for Each Team

GAME TIME– 10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 8+ Participants per Team


Get ready for one of my all time favorite relay games! This is an extremely simple relay, but does take a bit of prep work. Before you go shopping for clothes or accessories, pick a theme and make it a part of bigger night. Here are some suggestions: BLITZ (football); 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or even 2000’s theme; Super Heroes; or Nerd Night. I’m sure you can come up with plenty of your own as well.

To save money & time, plan far enough ahead so that you can reach out to friends, family members or others in your church or group that can help you get things you need. If you’re at a church, check the back to see if you have anything that can be put to use- this is the one time you’ll be glad that nothing ever gets thrown away. Lack of planning usually leads to blowing up your budget.

Make sure to pick clothes that are well oversized. I usually think of who the biggest person in my group is and make sure that everything from at least one pile will fit them. Things don’t need to button, so you have a little leeway there. You can also make life easier by going heavy on accessories (eye black for football, neon glasses for 80’s, pocket protector for Nerds, etc.).

After you have everything, you will need to divide teams into groups. Have each team form two single-file lines facing each other, with about 10′-50′ (if you have a big space, it’s fun to watch people run in clothes that are way oversized) between the two. One half of the team will have the pile of clothes and accessories right beside them. They must put them all on, run to the other half of their team, take off the clothes and accessories, and the next person will then have to put them on and run back across.

To help keep track of who has gone, have each person who has completed the task, sit down. If it’s not a large group, you can probably keep track of it easier. This is also one of those relays that you need even teams for, or you can have someone go twice if you’re slightly off.

Once everyone the last person has run their leg, taken off the clothes and accessories and is sitting down, you can declare a winner!


1. Make sure to have a camera that can shoot pictures while people are in motion. Videos are great for this one as well.

2. Have some great music to go along with your theme.

3. Have a few judges standing by to determine if teams are putting on the whole outfit.

4. Teams don’t have to have the exact same clothes, but make them comparable in ease to put on/take off and number of items.

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