Top Ten Relay Games: #4- Bon Appétit

We’re in the home stretch with our Top Ten Relay Game Countdown! Number 4 on our list is, Bon Appétit.

PREP TIME– 20 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Sandwich Materials (Bread, Condiments), Plastic Knives, Plates (optional), Bowls for Condiments (optional), Tables for Materials to Sit On, Plastic Gloves for Every Contestant

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 7-10 Participants per Team


While I think that many food games are overplayed, this is a fun one that stands out. Once you have divided teams in to groups of 7-10 participants, line them up in a single file line and have them put on their plastic gloves.

Bon Appetit Game Picture

From this amazing diagram, you can see how things will look. The people in front will be the “makers”. These are the people who will put the sandwich together, one item at a time. How many you have will be determined by how many ingredients you have. If you’re making PB & J, you’ll only need two “makers”, if you’re making a turkey sandwich with cheese, pickle, lettuce, tomato, mustard & mayo, you’ll obviously need more.

Each participant will need to put one condiment on the sandwich before tagging the next person in line. Have a bowl with condiments (or packets if possible) for contestants to use- this will speed things up and eliminate unnecessary time waiting to share items.

Once the sandwich is complete, the “eaters” will then eat the sandwich one bite at a time. If you’re group is repulsed by this idea, you can have someone cut the sandwich into squares and make the “eaters” eat their square.

Alternate Version (for PB & J only):

Have teams make and eat as many PB & Jelly sandwiches as possible in five minutes. Team that eats the most wins.

In case of a tie, choose one contestant from each team for an eat off. First one done with their PB & J sandwich wins.


1. Play some upbeat music to create a fun atmosphere.

2. Sandwiches are easy, but if you have another food that will work, feel free to use it!

3. Have extra condiments, knives & gloves on hand just in case something spills, breaks or gets lost.

4. Place a clear thin tarp under the area where teams will be making and eating sandwiches so you have an easy clean up afterwards.

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