Top Ten Relay Games: #9- Don’t Squeeze Me Yet

Coming in at number nine on our Top Ten Relay Game Countdown is, Don’t Squeeze Me Yet.

PREP TIME– 20 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 1 Large Sponge & 2- 5 Gallon Buckets Per Team

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 10 Participants (or more) per Team


This game works best outside, but if you’re in an area where the floor can get a little wet, you can play inside as well. You will need to start by filling up one 5 gallon bucket with water and placing the large sponge (like the kind you wash cars with) in the water.

Take each teams remaining 5 gallon bucket and mark the inside with a black permanent marker. The goal for each team is to fill the bucket up with water until they hit the line. Don’t make the line too high in the bucket, otherwise the game will go on forever! Make sure to do a test run and see how long it takes to fill it up, then you can draw your line at the same point for every team.

Set the empty bucket 10-20 feet behind the last person in the groups and place the full bucket and sponge at the front. Relay participants will be in a single file line starting right behind the bucket of water up front.

Once you say go, the first person in the line will dunk the sponge in the water, trying to absorb as much water as possible and then hand it over their head to the next person. The second person will then pass the sponge under their legs and the over/under pattern will continue until the person in the back receives the sponge. They will then run to the empty bucket and wring out as much water as possible.

When they are done, they will run all the way to the front, dunk the sponge, and repeat the cycle with everyone moving back a step each time the sponge is emptied.

First team to get to the line wins!


1. Use the SAME buckets. We played this one year at a summer camp and they had different styles of five gallon buckets. Half of the teams were done when the other half were barely half way because they marked them in the same place, even though the shape and height was different.

2. You can use other things other than five gallon buckets. If you have a very flat surface, a bowl or a large cup can work. Just remember that teams will lose a lot of water if the size of the opening is too small.

3. Have someone dress up as Sponge Bob or decorate your sponges to look like him just for kicks!

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