Who Am I? Celeb Edition – Free PowerPoint Download!

As Halloween approaches, you’re bound to see some pretty creative and crazy costumes from kids, but there’s no topping celebrities. Who Am I? is the perfect game to engage your group!


ITEMS NEEDED– Free PowerPoint Download

GAME TIME– 10-15 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 5-10 Participants per Team (you can have larger teams to save time)


FREE PowerPoint Download: Who Am I PP Game – Celeb Edition

Note: If you have any issues downloading the PowerPoint, please email stumingames@gmail.com & we will send you an attachment with the game.

Simply download the game and through it up on the screen. In order to separate which team answers, we have them sit and then stand up when they have the answer. They then answer in order the order in which they stood up. The first team to answer correctly is awarded a point.

You can also have celebrity heads on a stick that they can raise up when they have an answer. The teams can then be named as well (i.e. Team “Rock”).


1. Do a dry run on the computer/screen to make sure everything works before playing.

2. Don’t drag this game out too long. It’s fun, but make sure to leave them wanting more.

3. Give away candy to the winning team!

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