Human Slinky

One year ago, we created a blog that we hoped would be a help to Student Pastors and others by sharing the best up front and group games that we had in our arsenal. We have been blown away by your support and will continue to share even better games in year two.

Today we introduce to you, Human Slinky.

PREP TIME– 2-3 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDEDOne Children’s Pop Up Tunnel Per Team

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4 Teams of 2


Before you start the game, you will need to purchase a couple of children’s pop up tunnels. You can find these on Amazon for about $20, or at IKEA for a little bit more. If you’re worried about cost, buy one and time participants so they are racing against the clock, instead of four different teams simultaneously.

Once you have a clock, set a marker (a cone, shoe, whatever) for teams to race to. If it’s a long distance, there is no need to come back, but if you’re cramped for space, have them do a round trip. Just make sure the marker is equal distance for all teams.

When everything is in place and you have your teams of two, explain to them that they are going to become a human slinky, using the pop up tunnel. This is how it works:

Person one starts with the tunnel in the down position (closed shut) and then allows the tunnel to expand up over them. Using their hands, they will need to push the tunnel over their head and the next person, standing in front of them, will then take the tunnel and push it down their body, back into the closed position. Holding the tunnel in place (closed), they will step out of the tunnel, slide it forward for their teammate to step into and repeat the process.

First team to reach the finish line with the tunnel in the closed position wins!

Alternate Game Options:

1. Play the same game, but use teams of 3-5 instead of 2.

2. Instead of teams of two, have everyone line up for a relay. They will simply pass the tunnel from front to back and then back to the front again. No one will need to move locations for this game, as it is pretty stationary.


1. Ask some people with children if they have a tunnel you can borrow to save money.

2. Do a brief demonstration of this game, rather than trying to simply explain it. Teams will quickly catch on and it will save a lot of time and clear up any confusion.

3. Make sure to have some upbeat music in the background while teams are racing.

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