The Great Escape

We are sharing a really fun game today, and I guarantee it’s one you’ll have lots of volunteers for! We introduce, The Great Escape.

PREP TIME– 1-2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Pair of Oven Mitts & Roll of Duct Tape for Each Contestant (Scissors Nearby for Early Escape)

GAME TIME– 2-5 Minutes


Once you have selected your participants, slide the oven mitts all the way on with their hands completely flat inside. This keeps them from gaining extra room for their escape.

After they are in, tightly wrap the duct tape the oven mitts together from the wrist to the end and back down again. Feel free to be extra dramatic when wrapping the duct tape and make sure the audience can see as well. Once it is tight and secure, have them hold their hands over their head and give the participants one or two minutes to escape from the mitts. First one to successfully accomplish the task wins.


1. Make sure to securely wrap the mitts on the participant. This will require some force, but don’t go too crazy.

2. If participants are struggling to break free, give them thirty seconds where they can bring their hands down from over their head. This will help the escape process tremendously. Make sure to have scissors near by so you can help them escape if need be.

3. Have multiple rolls of duct tape (one per person) & multiple volunteers to do the taping so you don’t spend too much time watching people wrap duct tape on people.

4. Do a trial run, and record it to show how to play the game.

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