Minute To Win It Christmas Games Top Ten Countdown #10 – CHRISTMAS BALL

Over the next two weeks we will be sharing our Top 10 Minute To Win It Christmas Games. Today’s game, and #10 on our list, is Christmas Ball.



1) Prior to game start, contestant is in a standing position behind the tree ornament holding the gift box.

2) When the clock starts, contestant may start fanning the tree ornament with the gift box.

3) Contestant and gift box may not touch the tree ornament at any time or the game is over.

4) Contestant must stop fanning when 60-second time limit expires.

5) To complete the game, contestant must get the tree ornament in the designated end zone within the 60-second time limit.

6) The tree ornament must come to a complete stop without exiting the designated end zone.

Bonus Tips

1. Do timed races or “heats”. Take the fastest times and have them compete against each other.

2. Wrap the gift boxes for an extra nice touch.

3. Tape or cone off your designated zone.

4.  Since this games is played mostly on the ground, make sure to elevate the game by putting contestants on a platform or have the audience stand around the racers to watch the competition.

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