Minute To Win It Christmas Games Top Ten Countdown #4 – CHRISTMAS IN THE BALANCE

Number 4 on our Top Ten list of Minute To Win It Christmas Games is, Christmas In The Balance. A great game that involves a little patience and a good deal of teamwork.



1) When the clock starts, contestants may begin placing the yardstick on the upright wrapping paper tube.

2) Once the yardstick is balanced on the tube, contestants may begin to hang ornaments on the yardstick in the designated zones on the ends.

3) Each contestant may hang only his or her 5 ornaments one at a time.

4) Once each contestant has placed the first ornament onto the yardstick and released hands from the ornament, neither contestant may touch the tube or yardstick or the game is over.

5) After the first 2 ornaments are placed on the yardstick and the hands are released from the ornaments, any collapse of the structure will result in the game being over.

6) To complete the game, the yardstick, tube and ornaments must be freestanding within the 60-second time limit and must remain that way for 3 seconds.

Bonus Tips

1) Have extra ornaments on hand in case some break.

2) Make sure the yardstick and wrapping paper tube are on solid and flat footing, otherwise the teams will be at a serious disadvantage.

3) This is an easy game to elevate on a stage so everyone can watch. Throw up the Minute To Win It Countdown Clock and you’ll be set.

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