Minute To Win It Christmas Games Top Ten Countdown #5 – CHRISTMAS CLIFFHANGER

Christmas Cliffhanger comes in at #5 on our Top Ten list of Minute To Win It Christmas Games. This simple game is a lot harder than it looks at first glance.



1) Prior to game start, stand the cards horizontally along the edge of the table.

2) When the clock starts, contestant may start blowing the first card.

3) Contestant may not touch any card.

4) To complete the game, contestant, using only his/her breath, must blow a card so that one side of the fold hangs over the edge of the table within the 60-second time limit and remains that way for 3 consecutive seconds.

Bonus Tips

1) Larger cards make the game easier, so depending on the skill level of who you are playing with, adjust appropriately.

2) Use cards that are thick enough to stay on the table once they are blown over, otherwise it will be impossible to accomplish the task.

3) Once the game is done, take the Christmas Cards (assuming they are in decent shape) and send them to our veterans. It’s a fun game and a great way to remind your group that the season is about giving.

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