Minute To Win It Christmas Games Top Ten Countdown #8 – WREATH RELAY

Standing in at #8 on our Top 10 Minute To Win It Christmas Games list is Wreath Relay. While most Minute To Win It Games are one person against the clock, this one let’s people pair up to race.


  • Wreath (big enough for two heads to fit through)
  • Designated Transfer Zones
  • Something to Hang The Wreath On (coat hanger stand or anything with a hook that can support the wreath)


1) Prior to game start, one player places the wreath around their neck.

2) When the clock starts, the players alternate transferring the wreath to each other using only their bodies from the shoulders up.

3) Players must stay in the transfer zones when passing the wreath.

4) If either player touches the wreath with their hands, or the wreath touches the ground, players return to the start zones and begin again.

5) To complete the game, the contestants must pass the wreath five times using their bodies from the shoulders up through the five designated zones then hang the wreath within the 60-second time limit.

Bonus Tips

1) Pit teams against each other or play tournament style, letting teams with the best times advance to the next round.

2) Make sure to take good pictures and video of the event. This is a great one to post on your FB page or Instagram.

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