Minute To Win It Christmas Games Top Ten Countdown #9 – LOLLIPOP

Coming in at #9 on our Top 10 Minute To Win It Christmas Games list is Lollipop.



1) Prior to game start, create “stations” by placing a rubber ball (ornament or ping-pong ball) onto each stack of 3 nuts next to milkshake straws.

2) When the clock starts, contestant may grab a straw and begin standing it up.

3) Contestant may only use one designated hand for the entire game.

4) Once the straw is standing upright contestant may grab a set of nuts and begin to lower it over the standing straw.

5) Nuts must remain together in the stack.

6) Once the ping-pong ball rests on the straw with the nuts surrounding the base of the straw at the bottom, contestant may move to the next station.

7) If the ball falls at any time, that station is out of play and contestant must move to the next station.

8) To complete the game, contestant must successfully lower nut stacks over the designated number of straws resulting in a ping-pong ball resting on the tops of the straws within the 60-second time limit and each ball must remain that way for 3 seconds.

Bonus Tips

1. Use straws that are firm enough to stand upright without falling due to light gusts of air.

2. Practice this game before you play to make sure everything is in good working order.

3. If you’re working on one surface, chances are that they ball from the first stack will fall while they are working on another one. Just count it as good as long as it stays for a moment. Otherwise, try to get three different surfaces for them to move from one to the next.

4. Have extra straws, nuts & rubber balls/ornaments/ping-pong balls just in case something falls- you don’t want them losing time looking around for items.

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