Wrap Battle

This week we’ll be sharing a couple of Christmas games to go along with the others in our archives. Today’s game is Wrap Battle.

PREP TIME– 2-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDEDWrapping Paper (lots of it!), Scotch or Duct Tape, Bows

GAME TIME– 10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone – Teams of 8-12


Just about everyone has seen or played the game where you wrap someone up in wrapping paper and slap a bow on their head. Our game is loosely based on that, but as usual, we’ve added a twist.

Once you’ve separated your group into teams, you will hand out a few rolls of wrapping paper and plenty of scotch tape (see below for duct tape rules).

Groups will be given 10 minutes (or more) to create their best Christmas fashion attire, using team members as models. Items that you can include in the fashion show are t-shirts, pants, hats (Santa & Elf hats are great as well), shoes, belts, vests, ties/bow ties, dresses, scarfs.

Once time is up, have your models display their attire for all to cheer or jeer. Award the winners based on creativity, productivity and beautivity- okay, that’s not a word, but I was on a roll.

Alternate Game:

Redneck Wrap Battle can be played with wrapping paper and duct tape (instead of scotch tape). Same ideas, but you can substitute camo colored paper and make things like tank tops, cut-offs & trucker hats instead of shirts, jeans & beanies. Mix in a good trucker hat and you’re good to go!

Special Note: Just in case someone might be offended, I love rednecks. I wish I were cool enough to be one myself!


1. You can make this a central idea for a Christmas party by adding judges/panelists to give critiques of teams’ attire as well. Just make sure that you choose humorous people!

2. Award an ugly Christmas sweater or Christmas light necklace to the person with the best piece of clothing.

3. Make sure to take plenty of pics of individuals and teams. Post them on FB & Instagram, and make sure to tag everyone in it. This is an easy and fun way to create memories and let others celebrate those times with you.

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