You Move Me

We are sharing a great group game today that can be played in any setting, from 10 to a 1,000. You Move Me is a fun, unique and creative game that is sure to get everyone engaged.

PREP TIME–  None (unless you come up with your own clues)


GAME TIME– 10-20 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Teams of 2 up front with the rest of the group split in half as guessers


Start by selecting two teams of two, preferably, choose people who have some personality!

Once you’ve selected them, make sure that they can easily be seen (either on a stage or a raised platform if possible) so people will be able to guess as clues are given.

When they are in place, make sure to let each team know that they will need to select a “mover” and a “movee”. The “movee” will stand in front and be moved by the “mover” to act our the clues given.

The movee will not know what is being acted out, as to not give an extra advantage to the team. This means that the mover must completely guide and direct the movee in order for the group to guess correctly. In the same way, the mover can not act out anything themselves to help give extra hints. The game goes by basic charade rules, meaning that no sounds can be made as well.

Once a team guesses the clue, they are awarded a point, and the next team will then go, with the exception of the last round.

While you are welcome to play more rounds and add your own clues, but the traditional rounds play as follows:

  • Round 1 & 2: Categories (breakfast foods, things on the playground, etc) – 30-60 seconds
  • Round 3 & 4: People (on the job, athletes, historic figures, etc) – 60 seconds
  • Rapid Fire: Categories – 90-120 seconds to get as many as possible (can skip 2 times)

Before each round, announce the time limit they have to guess correctly and the category they are guessing.

Print out your free PDF of YOU MOVE ME CLUES.

The team with the most points wins. If you have a tie, give each team a clue to act out simultaneously. The team that guesses first is the winner.


1. Add a category with a phrase (i.e. Why do chickens cross the road?; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.; etc) instead of just a single word.

2. Use clues that are unique to your group. Inside jokes don’t work everywhere, but they’re great for things like this!

3. Take tons of pictures and videos to share on social media! It’s always good to let people see your group having fun.

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