Round & Round We Go

In today’s game, you will be using one of the oldest toys around, the hula hoop. Round & Round We Go take the simple action of spinning a hula hoop around someone to spinning it around a team.


ITEMS NEEDED– 4 Large Hula Hoops, String (optional)

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4 Teams of 3 (add more teams if you want)


When you have all your teams, hand them each a hula hoop. Their very simple goal is to successfully hula hoop as a team for thirty seconds.

Make sure that the three teammates are facing out (toward the hula hoop). If you would like, you can tie string to their ankles to connect them (person 1’s right ankle to person 2’s left ankle, person 2’s right ankle to person 3’s left ankle, person 3’s right ankle to person 1’s left ankle).

In my opinion, you won’t need to tie them together unless they are really struggling to space themselves. The game can be difficult at first, but it’s surprising how well teams can actually perform once they take a minute to get the hang of it. Start the clock and round and round they go!

If for some reason teams are struggling to get to thirty seconds, take it down to twenty or even ten as time winds down.


1. Choose people with coordination. While some teams are absolutely amazing, others will struggle mightily just because one person isn’t in sync. It’s a great lesson on team work.

2. As with most games, make sure to take pictures and videos to share on social media! It’s great for a laugh and let’s people see what that you’re having a good time.

3. Play some great music in the background. Something like…

4. Award hula hoops to the winning team as  a prize.

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