Marshmallow Dodgeball

Marshmallow Dodgeball is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. While the rules for dodgeball are the same, we’ve provided multiple styles of play below. You’ll love this no set up game that includes your whole group!


ITEMS NEEDED– Jumbo Marshmallows

GAME TIME– 10-30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS–  Everyone, split into 2-4 Teams


Before you play Marshmallow Dodgeball, make sure to purchase some Jumbo Size Marshmallows. Most stores will carry them, and they will be noticeably larger than the regular size marshmallows.

If you are unfamiliar with basic dodgeball rules, they are as follows:

  • Teams can not cross boundaries (unless you call “open season”, which is usually done at the end of a game so that it can finally end), if teams do cross the boundary, they are out
  • If a marshmallow is caught by the opposing team before it hits the ground, the person who threw it is out and a person who is out on the team of the person who caught it is back in
  • If a person is hit by a marshmallow that is not caught, they are out and must stand on the side until they are caught back in (they must stand in the order they were knocked out, i.e. first out is first back in when caught)

Different Dodgeball Games:

1. Basic Dodgeball

  • Line two teams up on two end lines (equally distant from the middle), place the marshmallows in the middle, countdown and have teams race to the middle to get their “weapons”
  • First team to knock everyone out, wins

2. Medic

  • One person on each team (they do not have to disclose to the other team, but they must to the leader) is a medic
  • When someone is hit, they do not go to the side when they are out, they simply kneel or sit down where they were hit
  • When the medic touches them, they are back into the game
  • If the medic is hit, they are out and can not be brought back in
  • Once the medic is out, no one on that team can be brought back in (team members can still catch the marshmallows to knock out members of the opposing team, but it will not bring in a teammate)
  • First team to knock everyone out, wins

3. King Pin

  • This is Basic Dodgeball rules, but now you will add three “pins” (these will need to be light weight, 2-liter bottles with a little water in them work great)
  • Pins are placed, mirroring the opposite side (each side has the same set up) – the leader will place the pins where they desire
  • Teams win by either knocking everyone out or knocking down all three pins

4. 4-Way

  • Basic Dodgeball with 4 areas instead of 2. It goes a lot quicker if you are looking to move things along!
  • Last team standing, wins


1. Have plenty of marshmallows on hand. They will eventually meet their end, so you’ll need to have some fresh ones to toss in to play.

2. Have some people who will help clean up any messes. Jumbo marshmallows aren’t that hard to clean as long as you get to them before they start busting open over everything. Have a few people keep an eye out for ones that might be on their last flight.

3. Play some fun music in the background while participants are playing. Music always creates a better atmosphere!

4. Award marshmallows or S’mores to the winning team.

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