Three Legged Dance Off

Three Legged Dance Off was recently featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. While he and Cameron Diaz wore some giant pants and a huge shoe (see video below), your game doesn’t have to be so elaborate and it can also feature more people.

Three Legged Dance Off

PREP TIME–  2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– String or Ribbon to Tie Team Members Together (optional: giant pants to share)

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS–  2-4 Teams of 2 (Leaders to tie them together while you explain the game)


Choose your teams and have them come up. While you are explaining the game to them, have each team side by side so that your leaders can tie their legs together. I recommend they tie their ankles and knees together so they don’t come apart. Make sure to test the string or ribbon your using to make sure it’s strong enough.

Once they have been tied together, their goal is to do the best three legged dance they can do to the song and style of music you select.

Here are some possible dance selections you could use (show the video as well so participants can see the dance moves):

You can find loads of other songs online as well. Just have fun with it!


1. Don’t take too much time setting up this game, the greatness of it is in the performance.

2. If you use more songs than what we listed, think outside the box, but make sure they are proper for the audience.

3. Award the best dance duo a prize.

4. Take plenty of video for this game, you’ll definitely have some laughs!

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