Water War

Water Wars is pulled straight from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and has carried over to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In the upcoming weeks and months, you’ll see plenty more of Fallon featured on our blog. If you’re a gamer, he has some great and very simple games that you can carry over and play with your group.

Jimmy Fallon Water War

PREP TIME– 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDEDDeck of Cards, Plastic Cups with Water, Super Soaker or Large Pitcher of Water (optional), Tarp & Table

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes



Start by playing in a setting that can get wet (you can have participants sit in a pool, but that will add to your set up time).

Since you probably won’t have video capability like they do on the show, you can have them each stand up facing the audience with a table, cards & cups in between them. They will grab a card and place it on their forehead, facing out, so the audience can see the results.

Participants will probably be able to tell who won, but make sure the host lets them know as well. If you’re unfamiliar with the card game war, the winner is the person who has the larger number. If they tie, just have them draw another card.

The winner will then douse the loser with a cup of water. Make sure that participants have removed all electronics and that they are appropriately dressed for the game.

Continue the game until someone gets to 5. Whoever reaches it first gets to dump a pitcher of water over the other person, or shoot them relentlessly with a super-soaker!


1. Set up multiple cameras to get facial reactions if possible. There can be some great replay and slow-mo opportunities.

2. If you’re indoors, put a large tarp down. The floor may still get wet, but it will be much less to worry about.

3. Have a crew of 4-8 people to set up and tear down the game so you don’t have a ton of dead time.

4. Play some fun or dramatic music in the background and maybe dim the lights (make sure the participants can be seen) to create a dramatic effect.

5. Make sure the host is running the game, so everyone knows when to watch and have them announce the results just in case someone couldn’t see.

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