Egg Roulette

Egg Roulette is another great game from Jimmy Fallon. While this one actually dates back to the Late Show, there is little doubt in our mind that it will soon appear on the Tonight Show as well.

PREP TIME– 20 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 1 Dozen Eggs (8 Hard Boiled, 4 Raw), Tarp, Towels

GAME TIME– 5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS–  2 (or more)


To play Egg Roulette, you will need to first hard-boil eight eggs, leaving four raw. Lay a tarp down in the area that the game will be played and then select two lucky contestants.

Select a person to go first (we recommend a quick game of Paper, Rock, Scissors). The first contestant will select an egg from the carton and be instructed to face the crowd and then smash it upon their own head. The first person to crack to raw eggs upon their head loses.

Alternative Version:

1. If you would like to play on a larger scale, you can have more contestants and eliminate anyone who smashes just one raw egg upon themselves.

2. You can also make the winner the person who smashes two raw eggs on their head. That way, the have a little more joy in them when they have yolk in their face!


1. Make sure to have plenty of towels on hand and it doesn’t hurt to have a little shampoo on hand for participants to wash the egg out. You will also need to have a garbage can nearby.

2. Have a crew of 4-8 people to set up and tear down the game so you don’t have a ton of dead time.

3. While Jimmy Fallon and Tom Cruise play Egg Roulette sitting down, you should play with contestants facing the audience so that everyone can see their reaction when the raw egg splatters on their head!

4. Take video and lots of pictures. Post them on Facebook (tag them) or put a short one minute video with some slow-mo and post it on YouTube for your group to see. This is a great way for people to see that your group likes to have fun!!

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