Off The Top Of My Head

Off The Top Of My Head is an exicting game that you may have seen on Hollywood Game Night. The show features two teams, each with three celebrities and a lucky contestant who has been chosen for the show. Jane Lynch does a great job as the host and they play a number of fun games.

Off The Top Of My Head - Hollywood Game Night


PREP TIME– 10-30 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Headband and Cardstock or Alternative Method to Hold Clues

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Teams of 4 (or everyone)


Before you begin, you will need to rig some glasses or a head band so that they can hold a clue. You can get the basic idea off of the video, but feel free to rig something simpler using a head band and a stiff piece of paper (cardstock will work).

Off The Top Of My Head operates much like the game Headbanz. If you are unfamiliar with both, it’s basically a clue giving game, where one team member gives clues to another. The important thing is that no one can see their own clue.

The only other rule is that they can not say a form of the word that is the clue. Other than that, just give your contestants 90 seconds and see how many they can get in their allotted time.

While Off The Top Of My Head uses different categories for the clues each round. Some of yours might include:

  • Superheroes (anything related to them)
  • Out To Lunch (any foods or items related to lunch)
  • Summer Break
  • Things at Camp (you can get creative with this one!)
  • In The Fridge
  • Road Trip (things you might see or bring on a Road Trip)
  • Holiday themed clues
  • Event themed clues

Two ways to play:

1. Play just as they do in the video with a rotation of players giving clues. You can play with as few as  4 players (this gives you time to reload the clues on their heads), but also allows you the flexibility

2. Play the game with the crowd. Select 4 players who will face the crowd and try to listen to the onslaught of clues being thrown their way. It can get a bit crazy, but it’s also a lot of fun.

You can play several rounds, using different teams of guessers.

Note: If you play with the crowd, make sure that words are written large enough that everyone can clearly see the word.


1. If you want to go really simple, just use a 3×2 sticker with the clue on it and slap it on their foreheads. That way you don’t have to worry about putting anything together for the game.

2. Make sure the clue guesser is the one facing the audience so that they can see the word that is trying to be guessed.

3. Have a 90 second countdown clock that is visible to everyone with some light music in the background. It always makes things a bit more dramatic.

4. Write the words large enough so that everyone can see them, or have them on the screen behind the guesser.

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