Monotone Music

Monotone Music is a fun game to play anywhere at anytime, plus it’s about as simple as you can get. We know that you’re group will have a blast!

PREP TIME– 0-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Monotone Music PDF & Screen to Play YouTube Videos (optional)

GAME TIME– 10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS–  Everyone (split into teams of at least 5 per team)


Before you begin, download the Monotone Music PDF and follow the simple instructions.

Read the song lyrics to the participants (individuals or teams) in your best
monotone voice. It will help to read extra slow as well.

Some of the lyrics contained are the songs in their entirety, other are just
portions due to length. You can read excerpts or the entire song depending on
what you feel the musical knowledge of the group may be.

Have participants respond once they want to guess by raising their hand or
standing to their feet. In the case of tie, have participants play a quick game of
Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Scoring System
Correct Song: 2 Points
Correct Musician/Band: 1 Point
Both Song & Musician Band: 3 Points

If one person is unable to correctly guess either the song or musician band, the
other person (or team) will have an opportunity to steal.
The team with the most points at the end of the nine songs is the winner!

You will need to split your group into two teams and select someone who can read well in a perfectly monotone voice.

Select a way for participants to answer the question as individuals or a team (raise a hand, stand up, etc) and then get ready to read and play.

The team who guesses the most songs and musicians/bands, is the winner. Scoring is included in the PDF.


1. Have your reader proof read the song lyrics before and practice reading them aloud in a Monotone Voice.

2. Play a short clip of the video after the answers are given. You can also play a short audio clip as an alternative.

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