Keep It In The Cup

Keep It In The Cup. Keep It In The Cup is a quick and exciting water game that allows everyone to participate within smaller teams and encourages teamwork in a fun way.

PREP TIME– 10-20 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDEDPlastic Cups with varying amounts of Water, Empty Plastic Cups (clear works best)

GAME TIME– 5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS–  Groups of 5 (everyone can play)


Before you begin, place plastic cups with varying amounts of water in a central location on the field. You will need to have 15-25 cups per team.

Once you’ve separated into teams, have each team select a “table.” The other four team members will serve as “waiters.”

The waiters kick this game off by running to the middle for plastic cups. They must then bring them back to their table, which will be on their  hands and knees, trying to flatten their back as much as possible.

The servers will then try to place as many cups of water on their back (with the most amount of water) as possible within 90 seconds.

At the end of the time, each cup will be carefully removed (if they fall, even after time is up, they do not count) and given to a leader. You will then need to measure the total amount of water that each team accumulated in the 90 seconds by either measuring how many cups they had or using a larger clear container.

Whatever team has the most water at the end is the winner!

People will get drenched, but it’s a fast-paced game that is awesome to watch and play!


Instead of teams of 5, make teams of 10. Substitute your one table for a pyramid of 6 (3 on bottom, 2 in the middle, then 1 on top). The goal is to form a pyramid and successfully place 3 cups of water (half full) on the back of top person.

Whoever can accomplish the feat and hold the cups up for five seconds wins!

Note: If you play this version, have spotters in front and back to make sure that no one is hurt!


1. Have extra cups and water in case someone accidentally knocks things down. It’s a bit chaotic at first, so it’s definitely possible. We suggest having a few buckets on the side that participants can easily dip their cups into.

2. If you’re short on leaders, designate one team member from every group to help you with the measuring process.

3. This is a great game to play on it’s own, but if you’re at a camp or retreat, award points to the top 3 teams.

4. Take lots of pictures and video. Post them on Social Media and wait for the comments to ensue!

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