Peeling Pairs

Peeling Pairs is a fun game that pairs individuals in a race to peel the most bananas in the shortest period of time.


ITEMS NEEDED– 7 Bananas per Team

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4 Teams of 2 (or more)


To play Peeling Pairs, pair teams of two together and hand them 7 bananas. Each pairing is then instructed to peel the 7 bananas as quickly as possible. The catch is that each team member can only use one hand each.

They must work together to peel each banana as fast as possible. The first team to successfully peel the 7 bananas is the winner!

Alternate Version:

1. To increase the challenge, have participants use their off hands.

2. Have each team member eat a banana at the end of the peeling. Whoever eats the banana first (swallows it) wins.


1. Have extra bananas on hand in case some get mutilated beyond recognition!

2. If you need a tie-breaker, check the condition of the bananas. Whoever has the best ones, wins.

3. Give away bananas for people to eat so they don’t go to waste or do banana splits after the game!

4. Take pictures and videos of the game to post.

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