Will They Say It?

Will They Say It?
is an exciting game that you can play anytime and anywhere as long as there are people around! It’s especially great for anytime you’re traveling, as it will really help pass the time.

If you are a group leader, it’s also a creative way to encourage people to move beyond their comfort zones by having fun in a unique, and albeit, challenging way.


ITEMS NEEDED– A code word (see list below for suggestions)

GAME TIME– 1-3 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 1 Participant (you can play in teams of 2) & an Innocent Bystander


Will They Say It? is incredibly simple. First of all, select someone who is willing to participate. Their only goal is to get someone (preferably someone they don’t know) to say the code word you assign to them.

To do so, they can not tell them that they are playing a game- the conversation must seem completely organic to the person they are speaking with. They also can not say the word in conversation, tell them to say word or a word that “rhymes with.” Clues to the game’s existence are strictly forbidden and result in a disqualification for that round.

The only other catch is that they have a timer that they are up against. You can select the time, but depending on the difficulty of the word, 60 seconds to 3 minutes should suffice.

If the person they are speaking with says the word, they can kindly end the conversation and walk away victorious. If time elapses and they are unsuccessful, send someone in to discretely pull them away and let them know they’ve run out of time.

Here is a suggestion list of Will They Say It? Code Words:

  • Easy: mom, soccer, baby, gas station, book, tired, cold or hot, any primary color, pen, any month
  • Medium: local destinations/cities, celebrity name, movie titles, beach, monkey, paperclip
  • Hard: a specific person’s name (in your group), specific foods, leprechaun, koala, leftovers, mullet
  • Nearly Impossible: double date, Achy-Breaky Heart, Can’t Touch This or Hammer Time, MMMbop

As you can see, you can go anywhere with this. The only question you have to ask is, Will They Say It?


1. Play in teams. It’s more fun because you’re actively rooting for and against people as you watch them in conversation. It also builds a bit of comradery amongst the group.

2. This is huge! Don’t stare at the person going up to another individual, especially if they’re close by. If you need confirmation, send another person (even someone from the other team), but don’t have them do the talking.

3. It’s fun to change up the code words, but if you want to keep it going for an entire trip, camp or retreat, give each team a word for the day that they can try to get others to say at designated times. Trust me, this game catches on quick!

4. Share the funniest or most creative instances where people were successful. I guarantee that you’ll get some good laughs out of it.

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