Ring It Up

Ring It Up is a great mixer that can be modified for any size group.

PREP TIME– Minimal (everything is done before you begin)

ITEMS NEEDED– 6 Colored Markers (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple – like a rainbow)

GAME TIME– 10 Minutes



Before people enter in, stop each person and have them draw a colored ring around (like a pen tattoo) their right index finger. You will need to make sure that you rotate colors so that you have even amounts of every color.

Once everyone has a colored ring on their finger, they will need to form groups based upon their colors. They key is arrangement.

For instance, if you said “rainbow,” they would need to create a color wheel with their fingertips (see picture below) in the order of: red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple. You may also say something like red, red, blue or whatever color pattern you desire.


The person with the red ring would touch fingertips with someone who has orange, who is touching someone with yellow and so on until the end, in which purple (the last color) would be connected to red (the beginning). The key is accuracy, speed and an ability to find others to work with.

The first team to correctly Ring It Up (create a color wheel) must then lift their fingers up and be verified. Make sure to have someone watching for groups and another person to verify that they are in the correct order.

If they are successful, each person in the circle receives a rubber band. Whoever has the most rubber bands at the end of the game wins.


1. Have several designated “ring makers” who are ready to draw rings on people as they come in.

2. If you don’t want to use markers, use colored tape. Make sure to pre-cut strips beforehand to expedite the process.

3. Have some fun mingling music and let them walk around the room. When the music stops, call out the order for the next group of colors.

4. Write down what you say (so it can be verified easier) and make sure to do small and large group color wheels (4-20).

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