You’ve Been Served

You’ve Been Served  is a fantastic game of balance that gets everyone involved. It’s a simple game with no set-up and can be played just about anywhere.


ITEMS NEEDED– A penny for each participant

GAME TIME– 5 Minutes



You’ve Been Served is a balance game that requires the participants to act as “servers.” A server often has to serve multiple dishes as one time, which they do by using a tray. For your game, individuals will pretend to be holding an imaginary tray with a penny on it.

In reality, participants will simply have a penny on their (right or left) hand, as they hold their hand up near their shoulder. The idea is that each person is pretending to serve, just like the picture above. Instead of holding a tray, they will have a penny on their flat hand.

The goal of the game is to simply remove the penny from their opponents hand. This can happen by:

1. Simply taking the penny from their hand.

2. Knocking the penny out of their hand, using their off hand (they can not bump into another person- it must be hand to hand).

If the penny is taken or dropped, they are out. Participants can not cup their hand (it must remain flat) or catch their penny if it starts to fall- both require them to sit down. The last person with a penny in their hand is the winner.


1. Play teams. This way the game isn’t over when they are knocked out, as they can still cheer on their team.

2. Play some fun music in the background during the game.

3. You can play multiple games, as this does not take long to play in many instances.

4. Make the space smaller as time goes by. This way the game will not become two people running around a large area while others watch.

5. Use another item, other than a penny for participants to “serve.” Get creative and have fun with it!

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