Orange Relay

Orange Relay is a fun game that will get your entire group moving and requires very little time to set up.

PREP TIME– 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Oranges (1 per team of 8), Bowl or Bucket

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone (teams of 6-8)


Before you play Orange Relay, you’ll need to start by breaking teams up into groups of 6-8 people. Once they are separated, have each team line up in a single file line next to each other. You’ll need to have a large enough space (50-100 feet one way) that they can go down to and travel back to where they started. This can be a wall, a line, piece of tape on the floor, or a simple item on the ground that they must walk to.

Once this is set up, you will give each team an orange. Their goal is to carry the orange to the end point and back to their team, where they will pass it off to the next person. The catch is that they must do so using body parts other than their hands!

You can use one method or mix them up during each race to make it interesting. If they are quick, you can even have each person go multiple times using different body parts. Some suggestions (remember, no hands!) are:

  •  Orange under chin
  •  Orange between two elbows 
  • Orange in between bicep of one arm 
  • Orange between two knees
  • Orange between two feet
  • Orange on top of hand (can’t use palm to hold)
  • Orange under armpit
  • Orange between two people’s foreheads
  • Orange between two people’s backs

Once an orange reaches the end of the line and is dropped in their bowl/bucket, the person in the front can grab another one and begin passing down the line again. Whoever has the most oranges at the end of five minutes is the winner!


1. Have a few extra oranges on hands in case some of them begin to leak too much.

2. Have some up beat music playing during the relay to add to the atmosphere.

3. As always, take plenty of pictures and post them to your Facebook or Instagram page. Make sure to tag individuals in the group as well!

4. Award the winning team a bag of oranges for their efforts!

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