Stuff It!

Stuff It! is a fantastic team game that allows groups to work together and have fun at the same time.

PREP TIME– 1 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Package of Toilet Paper per Team (12 Roll recommended), One Large (or Extra Large) T-Shirt per Team, One Rope per Team (or belt)

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone (Teams of 10)


Once you have assembled your teams, they will need to pick a smaller guy from the team (make sure each team has one). Have them put on the shirt and tie the rope around their waist (we recommend having guys wear the shirt so you don’t run into any issues when stuffing the TP). At that point, yell out “Stuff It!”

When they are ready, the remaining members of the team will begin to unravel each roll of toilet paper and start stuffing it into the designated person’s shirt. If any toilet paper comes out of the bottom of the shirt, the rope must be retightened and the toilet paper must be put back in the shirt.

The team that can unravel each roll and stuff it in the shirt first wins!

Alternate Version

Instead of having everyone participate, turn this into an up front game with 3-5 teams with 4 people per team.


1. Have each person wearing the shirt tuck it in. If they already have a belt, it will make it easier.

2. Have some music playing in the background to enhance the atmosphere.

3. Take plenty of pictures of the stuffed creations and post them to your Facebook or Instagram page. Make sure to tag individuals in the group as well!

4. Award the winning team a roll of toilet paper in honor of their victory!

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