New eBook from StuMinGames!

Game On CoverWe are excited to offer you our new eBook for free today and tomorrow! Check out Game On! 8 Steps to Maximizing Games in Youth Ministry. 

Simply click the link below and head over to Amazon to pick up your Kindle version  for  FREE!

Game On! 8 Steps to Maximizing Games in Youth Ministry

The book is a great tool if you are looking to maximize your gaming experience by giving you tools to enhance your group and up front games. The book will help you discover how to effectively leverage games with practical tools and gain keys insights into the art of leading games.

Whoever your game leader is, make sure to put this in their hands! Have them work on a chapter a week and watch your games go to the next level.

If you like it, please help us out by leaving a brief review! Thank you again from StuMinGames!!

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