Leftover Letters

Leftover Letters is an amazing game that can be played with teams or as individuals. The game is fast paced, fun and high energy.

PREP TIME– 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Index Cards or Pieces of Paper with Letters of Alphabet (A-Z)

GAME TIME– 10-20 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone, Timer (1 person), 1 Judge (recommended),


As mentioned, Leftover Letters can be played with teams or individuals can battle each other. Either way, you will need everyone to stand in a circle (if you have a large group, you can have several circles and work your way down as teams/individuals are eliminated). Teams will need to rotate players (i.e. 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2).

When everyone is in position, place the letters in the center (either on the floor or on a table). Next, select who will go first and start your timer. Each person will have 10 seconds from the time the person before them named something. The timer will need to keep a close eye on the clock at all times. If they are unable to come up with a name, a point is awarded to the other team. The game will begin when the host calls out the category and the person whose turn it is must grab a letter from the pile and name something that starts with that letter from the category. For example, it the category was ice cream flavors and a “v” was left in the middle, they could say “vanilla.” Example categories are listed below.

  • Ice Cream Flavors
  • Super Heroes
  • Movies (Christmas Movies, Disney Movies, Sports Movies, etc)
  • Cereals
  • Green Things
  • Colleges or Local Schools
  • States (make sure to remove letters that are not represented by a state)
  • Animals
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Common Items in a House
  • Things in the Room

The goal of Leftover Games is to be the first team to 5 points, but if they are having fun, feel free to keep it going!


1. Remove certain letters to make the game a bit easier. Q, X & Z or common letters to remove.

2. Award a price to the winning team. Anything Alphabet oriented will suffice.

3. Take pictures and post them on social media. Never miss a moment to share the fun with others!

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