Peeped Out

Peeped Out is a great game to play around Easter. After all, who doesn’t like a Peep!?!


ITEMS NEEDED–  Peeps (5 boxes minimum per person)

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS–  3-4 people per team


Once you’ve selected your participants, you will need to designate a “sticker” and a “stickee” for each team. The stickers will be given 3 minutes to stick as many Peeps on the face of the stickee.

In order to make the Peeps stick, we recommend eating part of the backs off of the bunny style Peeps. This will allow plenty of Peeps to be stuck on their face and allow you to see which person is truly Peeped Out.

The Peeps can not be stuck on the stickee’s hair, they must be placed on their face. Whoever has the most Peeps affixed to their face at the end of the three minutes is declared the winner.

In the event of a tie, see who can eat the most Peeps in 30 seconds.


1.  Have plenty of extra Peeps on hand. You might be surprised how many Peeps you can stick on someone’s face!

2.  Elevate your participants so that everyone can see the action. Make sure the “stickers” do not block their face too much!

3. Use different colored Peeps for each team.

4. Award Peeps to the winning team!

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