Box of Lies

Today’s game is Box of Lies. As you may be able to tell by now, we love The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Box of Lies is just the latest game we are sharing.

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PREP TIME 5-45 Minutes (if you use items you already have, it will take less time)

ITEMS NEEDED– 9 Boxes (you can play with as few as 5), odd or funny items for each box (use weird combinations of things to mix it up), table, divider for table (needs to allow participants to see each others face but not the items in the box)

GAME TIME– 5-15 Minutes



Box of Lies is pretty straight forward, but you do want to make sure that you pick to charismatic people to keep the game interesting and fun.

Once you have your participants, have them sit down across from each other (see video). One person will need to select a box and take the item out without showing their opponent, but they will show the crowd. Instruct the crowd to not say anything.

The person who has selected the item can then choose to say what was in the box or tell a lie. The goal of the game is trick your opponent and get them to guess incorrectly.

The game is hilarious, but does take a bit of strategy, as you can see in the clip above. Jimmy Fallon told a partial truth, which threw Jennifer Lawrence off. If they guess correctly, they are given a point, if not, the “liar” is awarded a point. Whoever get to 2 (or 3) first, is the winner!


1. Make sure the audience can see the people playing and the items that are being taken from the box. Just have the participants put the items on the side of the table so their opponent is unable to see.

2. Have an extra box (or item) in the event someone accidentally sees their opponents item.

3. Give the weird items away to the crowd or to the winner of the game!

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