Snap, Crackle, Pop

Today, we share a great game that can be played up front or as a relay. We present, Snap Crackle, Pop!

PREP TIME– 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 15 Pencils, 5 Crackers & 1 Balloon per person/team; Goggles (optional, but recommended)

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4-6 people (can also play with 4-6 teams of 3 as well)


Snap, Crackle, Pop is extremely easy and fun to play. Once you have your participants, line them up in the front so everyone can see them.

The goal is to accomplish three tasks the fastest. The first step provides the snap. When the game begins, each participant will take one pencil and snap it. They will then grab two more and snap them together, then three and all the way up to five (if you are playing with younger groups, you can stop at 3 pencils).

Next up is crackle. After all the pencils are snapped, they will grab five crackers and eat them as quickly as possible (for safety, have water on hand). Once they have eaten and swallowed all five crackers, have them show you their empty mouth and let them move on to the the final step.

Here is where you get your pop. Have the participants grab a balloon and start blowing it up. This is extra hard because they just loaded a bunch of crackers in their mouth. The first person to blow it up and get their balloon to pop is the winner!

Note: Have participants put on goggles when they blow the balloon up. 

Relay Version

Do the exact same thing, only have one person do each step.


1. If you play with a relay, don’t be afraid to add more pencils, more crackers or more balloons. The game becomes easier with more people, so compensate by making things a bit more challenging.

2. Have a couple of extra balloons on hand just in case.

3. If you don’t want them to blow up the balloons until they pop, blow up some balloons beforehand and have the participants pop them by sitting on them.

4. Thrown on some music in the background to provide some atmosphere.

5. Award the winner a box of Rice Krispies!

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