Soda Sock Swig

Soda Sock Swig was the very first game we ever shared on our blog just over two and a half years ago. As we close in on 10 million views, we are sharing some of our past favorites and thought Soda Sock Swig was worthy of making the list.

Not only is this one of the first games we shared, but it may be the grossest, so it’s not for everyone. If you use this game, do so for bigger events so you can give away better prizes. I’ve seen this game played in several different venues and never seen this game disappoint. My hope is that it is as great of a success for you as it was for me.

PREP TIME – 3 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – 1 Table, 6 Pack of Soda

GAME TIME – 2 Minutes



Before choosing 6 students to participate, don’t mention the name of the game, just have 6 cans of soda sitting on the table in front (put the table on a stage or platform if possible).

Once you have chosen your participants, tell them that they will be in a race against the other 5 to see who can completely finish the soda first. Let them open the soda. Start your countdown, then stop them and tell them that you forgot something: they all need to take off one of their socks and put it over the top of the soda can before they race. You usually get a good (or grossed out) reaction here. After the socks are in place, restart your countdown. But you are still not done. Stop the countdown and have them hand their can to the person on their right. That’s right! They will be drinking the soda through someone else’s sock! Gross? Yes! Awesome? Absolutely!


1. Make sure you pick people wearing socks, or the game doesn’t work quite so well!

2. Give away a good prize to encourage them to participate and please don’t force them to play – if they want to back out, it’s fine. Peer pressuring them into a game like this isn’t necessary.

3. Can’t go through with the game as-is, just bring your own clean socks. You’ll lose the gross factor, but you’ll still get to play the game.

4. Have a garbage can near by just in case!

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