Spelly Socks

Spelly Socks is a fun game that will get your team thinking and moving while everyone has a good laugh to boot!

With tons of alternative options, this will be game you replay plenty of times in the future.

PREP TIME – 5 Minutes (if you use socks)

ITEMS NEEDED Pair of socks for each person

GAME TIME – 5 Minutes



Head to the store before you begin and purchase socks for each person. While the game title might imply smelly socks, we want “Spelly Socks” to be a game people will actually play again! When you have them, write one letter on the bottom of each sock.

We suggest using a word that is representative of your group or the theme/idea you may be communicating during your meeting. Whatever it is, you should have a minimum of 8 letters and a maximum of 12 letters per team (they can not spell this word as one of theirs for the game). Of course, this will mean you have 4-6 people per team since they each have two feet! Make sure that  each team have the same letters.

Once teams are formed, assign another person (not playing the game), to write down any words they create.

The goal of the game is to form as many words as possible, using the letters on their feet. The trick is that they must put their feet in the order of the words so that each letter can be seen. Once it is done, the person writing the words will record it and they can move to their next word.

Of course this will create some chaos as you will have people who need to reach, twist and turn to get their feet into position. Think of it as Boggle meets Twister.

Scoring will break down as follows:

2 Letter Words: No Points

3-4 Letter Words: 1 Point

5-6 Letter Words: 2 Points

7 Letter Words: 4 Points

8 Letter Words: 6 Points

9 Letter Words: 8 Points

10 Letter Words: 20 Points (kudos to them if they can get this!)

If you elect to do so, you can have each team call out their words and cross it off if another team came up with it. The remaining words that no one else got will be scored. Whoever has the most points wins!

If you choose to just award points for words, make sure they are actually words. Have a dictionary on hand or check online to confirm.

Alternative Play Options

1. Instead of writing the letter on the bottom of their foot, write it on the top. Rounds can be a bit shorter since it’s easier to see each letter.

2. If you don’t have socks, just write on their feet or have them tape paper with letters on their socks.

3. Instead of feet, write letters on the palms of their hands.


1. Award the winning team a special pair of socks for each group member.

2. Use Sharpie to write the letters. You can even use different colors to denote teams.

3. Have some fun music on in the background while teams are playing.

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