Taking Out the Laundry

Taking Out the Laundry is an exciting game that might just take you back to your childhood!

Growing up, I would sit in my room and pretend I was in the NBA Finals as I put my clothes away. Today, you can just pretend you’re Steph Curry. With Taking Out the Laundry, you can experience the magic with your group.

PREP TIME – 2-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Clothing (optional: play with only socks), Laundry Baskets

GAME TIME – 60-90 Seconds per Round

PARTICIPANTS – minimum of 2 teams with at least 1 person per set of baskets (can play with larger teams as well)


Before you begin, either round up or purchase laundry baskets. You will need 3 per person/team. You will also need to have enough laundry per person/team. We recommend using shirts and socks, but underwear always gets a good laugh, just make sure you’re not using used ones!!

Once you have your laundry, throw it in a pile, just like it might be at home and set the baskets in front of the participants. You will spread the baskets out at varying distances, straight in front of each person/team. The closest basket should be about 10 feet away, the second a 15, and the third and final one will be 20 feet away. To keep it easy, the first basket is worth one point, the second is worth 2 and the third is worth 3.

If you are playing with individuals, have them play for a certain section of your group. If they win, that section gets a free can of soda, candy bar or prize of some sort. It give the game a bit more intensity and the audience more incentive to get involved.

We recommend having a runner who will pick up missed shots (clothing) and set up any baskets that fall over in the course of the game. It is also important to make sure each person/team has enough room between them. This will speed things up and make it easier to keep track of everything.

Whoever has the most points after the time limit is the winner!

Alternative Play

If you choose to play teams, have them line up in single file lines behind the start line (next to the laundry) and give them each one shot. After they shoot, they go to the end of the line until their next opportunity. In this style of play, speed is important.


1. Have plenty of laundry on hand so each person/team doesn’t run out.

2. Have a chosen color of clothing be worth double points to make it a little more interesting.

3. If the baskets keep falling over, place something with weight in them so they don’t move or fall so easily.

4. Add a countdown clock if you have the ability to do so.

5. Award the winner a shirt from your group or just a white t-shirt that has the word “champ” written on it.

6. Have fun music playing in the background to enhance the atmosphere.

7. Take pictures and post them to socal media and share the fun with your friends! Make sure to tag your group.

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