Drip Drip Splash

With a little dose of nostalgia and a whole lot of water, Drip Drip Splash is the fun summer version of Duck, Duck, Goose.

PREP TIME – 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED5 Gallon Bucket of Water, Access to Hose/Water, Large Sponge

GAME TIME – 10 Minutes



Drip Drip Splash starts by having everyone sit down in a circle (a grass field works best). From there, the game operates just like Duck, Duck, Goose, except they won’t be tapping heads and saying names.

Select one person to start the game, have them stick the sponge in the water and then walk around the group, letting the sponge drip over the heads of the group sitting in the circle. The walker will then select someone by squeezing the sponge over their head and splashing them with water.

This is the point where the person who has been splashed will then stand up and chase the person who splashed them. If they tag them before they reach the vacated spot, the person who made the tag will grab the bucket from the middle of the group (filled up) and dump it on the person they tagged. Once they are done with that, they then grab the sponge and continue playing.

If they are unable to tag the person before they are seated back in the vacated spot, they will take the sponge and continue playing, but do not get to douse their nemesis with the bucket of water.


1. Leave plenty of room around the circle for people to run.

2. Play an elimination round award the top five with a rubber ducky or cold drink.

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