Fast Fingers

FAST FINGERS is another great game from the past that you may not have had a chance to check out. One of the best parts is that it requires zero set up and no prep time.

Get your whole group moving with Fast Fingers!



GAME TIME – Depends on Group Size (usually 3-5 minutes)



This is a tournament style game. To start, have everyone find a partner. At this point explain they will need to have “fast fingers”. Really they need to have fast eyes as well. You will then do a test run by having two leaders demonstrate as they stand back to back up front. Then you will count to three, at which point, they will turn around and hold up both hands. But here’s where the game comes into play. Each hand can have as many as 5 fingers held up (unless you have someone with 6 digits!) on each hand or as few as 0. So let’s say one hand has 3 fingers and the other has 4, their opponent would then have to yell “7” (total number of fingers) before the other person guesses how many they are holding up.

I’ve played this game a lot and come to realize that it’s a lot easier to watch two people demonstrate it than to try to just explain it without the demonstration.

Once you get going, work your way down by having the losers sit down and the winners pairing together until you have one ultimate winner!


1. Along the way you may have odd numbers and you will have to decide how you want to insert them into the game. I usually have them sit off to the side one round and have them jump back the next round.

2. Inevitably, students will try to hide their fingers, or mix their hands together. I choose not to let them do that and just disqualify them if they continue once they have been told not to do so.

3. In the case of a tie, replay the round.

4. If you want a great variation of this game, try the same thing, but use “rock, paper, scissors”.

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