Frozen Treasure

Frozen Treasure is a great game to play as things heat up! Get your entire group involved and have them race against each other with this awesome game!!

PREP TIME – 5 Minutes + time to let the water freeze

ITEMS NEEDED – One Ice Cube Tray per team, Small Legos (enough for each spot on the tray), Permanent Marker

GAME TIME – 3-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Teams of 6-8 (make sure teams are even)


Before playing Frozen Treasure, you will need to get everything set up. Depending on how many pieces of ice your tray holds, come up with a word (or two) that represents a fun item. For example, “Jolly Rancher” is twelve letters long and would work for most standard size ice cube trays. Some other suggestions are: Reese’s Pieces (12), Tootsie Rolls (12), Atomic Fireball (14), Three Musketeers (15), Cherry Cheesecake (16). You can even use something that is unique to your group as well.

Once you have a word, write one letter of the word on each Lego piece in permanent marker. You can then fill the tray up with water, drop a small Lego in each square and let it freeze. Have enough trays for each team. Once they are all frozen, pull them out a few minutes before you are going to start the game.

The game itself is very simple. Teams will work together to melt the ice around each Lego. They are not allowed to break the ice and they must melt the ice without putting the cube in their mouth. That means they can use their bodies to melt the ice.

Once they have all the melted Legos, they must put them together to spell the word you have selected. Give them a small clue that will lead them the right direction. Also, make sure to let them know how many words the clue is.

The first team to successfully link all the Lego’s to correctly spell the word is the winner! Award the winning team with the item they spelled as a prize!


1. Depending on the age of your group, they may struggle to unscramble the word, so feel free to assist as necessary.

2. Add an extra challenge to the game by not allowing teams to use their hands to melt the ice.

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