Peanut Butter Paintings

Peanut butter meets Win, Lose or Draw in today’s game, Peanut Butter Paintings. It is a fun, creative and slightly messy way to get your entire group involved.

PREP TIME – 10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDEDEasel, Large Pad of Paper (one per team if possible), Large Container of Peanut Butter per team, Latex Gloves & Tarp (optional)

GAME TIME – 10-20 Minutes



Peanut Butter Paintings is pretty much exactly like it sounds. The game requires teams to take peanut butter from a jar by using their hands/fingers and then creating a work of art that the group must guess. Each team has 60 seconds to guess correctly.

If the team guesses correctly, they are awarded one point. Each team will have two 60-second rounds to draw, with a final lightning round being three minutes. During the last round, they will be able to guess as many as possible. If you have two pads of paper, you can do the lightning round simultaneously.

Teams will need to select a different drawer for each round (the lightning round can be one person or you can switch after each person has a clue guessed). They can not talk, nor can they use any sort of charades or gestures to get the group to guess the clue.

Suggested Pics/Clues

  • Chair
  • TV
  • Light Bulb
  • Dog
  • Remote Control
  • Cookies
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Book
  • Cereal
  • Fish Bowl
  • Toe Nail
  • T-Shirt
  • Nose
  • Muscles

Come up with your own clues that make sense for your group or theme as well!

Once each person in done, simply tear off the paper and throw it in the garbage. Whichever team has the highest total after the three rounds is the winner!

In the event of a tie, have each team select someone to draw. Whoever guesses the item first is the winner.


Make sure you don’t have anyone with peanut allergies before playing.


1. Award peanut butter flavored prizes after you play. These could be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, or whatever else you can think of that is fun and creative.

2. Mix it up some and include some jams/jellies to bring in some extra color.

3. Have an extra container of peanut butter on standby in case they get a little over zealous with their paintings.

4. Lay down plastic and have garbage cans nearby to make clean up easier.

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