Licky Sticky

Licky Sticky is an exciting game that will get your group laughing and working together against the clock! If you need something fast, it’s also a super easy game to get prepared for with a quick trip to the grocery store.

PREP TIME – 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Lots of Lifesavers (plenty for each team)

GAME TIME – 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Everyone (teams of 3-5)


Begin by buying enough Life Savers for the entire group (minimum of 25 per team). Once you have the Life Savers, you can form the teams.

The game is fairly straight forward. Designate one person from each team to be the one that they will stock the Life Savers on. The remaining team members will then take the Life Savers and stick them to their face. Of course, as the name Licky Sticky suggests, they do this by licking the Life Savers first.

The challenge isn’t just sticking one one, but it’s not knocking any off along the way. If they fall, they can be reapplied, but chances are, people won’t want to touch them after they’ve been licked and hit the ground.

Whichever team can get the most to stick on the their team members face after three minutes is the winner.

Alternate Version

Make it an up front game with 2-4 teams or you can even let individuals lick their own Life Savers and see how many they can stick on their own face.


1. If you would like to make things a bit more chaotic, have all the Life Savers in a pile in the middle of the room (on a plate or small tarp). Have team members run to the middle to get a Life Saver one at a time. Once they stick it on their team members face, they can run back to the middle to get another.

2. Take plenty of pictures and videos to post on social media. Make sure to tag everyone so they can share them too!

3. Award the winning team rolls of Life Savers for their efforts!

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