Lend Me A Hand

Lend Me A Hand is funny game from Hollywood Game Night that your entire group can get in on. The best part is that it doesn’t require any set up and minimal planning!

PREP TIME – 3 Minutes (if you choose to do your own clues)

ITEMS NEEDED – List of Items to Act Out (suggestions below)

GAME TIME – 10-15 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Divide into two teams


While Hollywood Game Night plays one quick round of Lend Me A Hand, you can play multiple 60 or 90 second rounds depending on how much time you have.

To start, each team will need to select two people. One person will be in front and place their hands behind their back. The second person will stand behind them and act as their arms by sliding them through to the front. (see picture above)

Note: To avoid awkward situations, we suggest that you have a guy in front.

Once they are in position, they will be given a clue that they must act out to their team. The key is that the person in front can not use their hands and the person in back can not use their face to help the team (only their hands) guess.

Some suggestions are:

  • Dribbling
  • Quarterback
  • Baseball Bat
  • Swimming
  • Straw
  • Pizza
  • Napkin
  • Pour
  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Juggling
  • Boxing
  • Phone
  • Computer
  • Drive
  • Bicycle
  • Hair
  • Glasses
  • Ring
  • Socks
  • Scissors
  • Dance
  • Sing
  • Headphones

If they are successful, they receive a point and move to the next clue. They can also pass on clues (set a max number of 3-5 depending on the length of the round) without losing points).

For the next round, select two more actors for each team. Whoever has more points at the end of all the rounds is the winner!


1. Have some music in the background and a clock showing the countdown. It provides a little extra drama.

2. Personalize some clues to get a bigger laugh and make it fun for your group.

3. Use a scoreboard to keep track of where you’re at and let teams know how many points they need.

4. Take some videos and post them on social media for everyone to see!

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